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En Pointe Ballet - Develops the young miss’ poise, grace, and discipline!

Basketball - Young sports enthusiasts will learn basketball’s rudiments and the art of dribbling, shooting, guarding, rebounding, fast breaks, and more!


Futsal Soccer - Learn the basic skills of soccer like kicking,  dribbling, strategies, and more!


Milo Taekwondo - For boys & girls’ exposure to the art of self-defense through  Taekwondo.  Includes   Forms  (Poomsae), Self Defense (Hoshinsool), and Sparring (Kzorugi).


Badminton - Budding athletes will learn to execute proper footwork, basic skills, and position needed in playing badminton!


Table Tennis - Develops basic skills in playing table tennis to improve self-confidence and competitiveness!


Volleyball Clinic - Learn the basics of playing volleyball: rules, serving, volleying techniques, and more!



Joyful Voices - Learn the BASIC TO ADVANCED STYLES & TECHNIQUES  in singing; develop skills in note reading (SOLFEGGIO)!


Keyboard Artistry - Trains the little fingers, as well as teaches the musical scale and notes!

Strums - For boys and girls who dream of mastering the guitar!


Visual and Culinary Arts

Artistic Creations - Talent and creativity come through in this  Arts and Crafts class! Have fun! Create a whole range of projects! Teaches the rudiments of art, balance, harmony, perspective,  and improves one’s ability to draw, sketch, and color! Teaches boys' and girls' creativity through arts and crafts!


Palettes and Masterpieces - Express yourself through painting. Learn different techniques using oil on canvas: still life, landscape, architectural,   and abstract. Develop drawing skills, too!


Little Chefs - “Culinary Arts for Kids,” is open to all preschoolers who want to enhance their skills in handling different kinds of food. The course focuses on food preparation; includes sandwiches, salads, juices, desserts, and sweets!

Student Enrichment 

Reading Enhancement Program - Help your child succeed in school by improving his reading skills! The Reading Enhancement Program will teach the basics of reading and inculcate the love for it.

Enhancing Writing Skills - Question no more how to improve your writing skills! You will be able to stretch your imagination and use of words.

Filipino: Unang hakbang sa wika at pabasa - Inaanyayahan  ang  mga  mag-aaral   na matutong magsulat, magbilang, magbasa, at  magsalita  sa  wikang  Filipino. Linangin…pagyamanin wikang sariling atin!

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