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          Whenever someone asks me why we chose The Palmridge School for Ysabela, I would say that I always admired how the school promoted a culture of simplicity. I appreciate how they echo it in their policies and programs and how students like my daughter developed that culture as an individual.


          I also commend the administrators for being consistent in ensuring that parents are always in the loop regarding academic performance of students thru the MRAP and SPC. Even the gesture of calling me whenever there is anything that concerns my daughter, however small, is commendable. I feel secured and as a parent, that is really important.


         I think overall, my daughter would fare well when she goes to college, and that is because Palmridge has prepared her not just academically but holistically.




           What do we look for in a school? A partner – institution which is focused on developing potential and in raising a child of value, within a safe and secured campus; where professionalism, concern, and love for each child by all school personnel are nurtured and where like a family, communication lines are open 24/7. This for me is The Palmridge School.



         As a mother who works overseas, I’ve had 3 major essentials that I looked for in a school. A place where I know my children are in a safe environment, competitive academic and social curriculum, and reasonable rates. TPS has provided me and my children more than that. It became their second home since 2006, with teachers who became my partners in raising my 3 children.

        Being away wasn’t easy but with on line updates from Teacher Joy and Teacher Winnie, I feel like I am with them watching what they do in school.  My 2 daughters who are alumni of TPS are now successful in their career, Francheska – TVC Model/Make-up Artist and Cherry – Bank Analyst/Pastry Chef/Entrepreneur. They have proven that they don’t just guide them academically but help them find their passion and be successful with it. And with their reasonable rates, I was able to send my 3 children in this reputable school.

       My youngest son Robyn has started with TPS since Nursery and now in Grade 9. With those years, we discovered wonderful talents and great potentials. I could have not chosen a better learning establishment for my 3 precious children. Thank you TPS!




Transferring my nephew to The Palmridge School was the best decision we have made.  In a few months, we have seen a significant improvement in his academic performance and self-confidence.  I still remember what he told me coming home from school one day, “Tita, I wish I started my education earlier at Palmridge.”  The conducive learning environment and commitment at TPS amplified my nephew’s love for learning and interest in demonstrating his independence.  The attention and care given to him by his very dedicated, qualified, and humble teachers are simply astounding.


Ms. Maricar S. De Veyra

Aunt of Christian Gabriel T. Co


Through the years, The Palmridge School has provided my children a safe haven for learning. The teachers have always been concerned with the students’ daily welfare.  During a school trip, I couldn’t get to my child on time to give him his lunch. To my surprise, his classroom adviser gave him packed lunch that was meant for her or another teacher.  Now who does that?  Only teachers from The Palmridge School.  The school staff has also been the parents’ eyes and ears.  Prior to boarding The Palmridge School buses, the staff would always remind my children on what to do and what not to do for their safety.  This is especially helpful as I have the security of knowing there’s an extension of me, and of other parents, overseeing students to make sure they follow the norms of proper behaviour outside the classroom. 


I have 3 children in The Palmridge School, with a fourth one joining the school community soon.  I expect all of them to be nourished, cared for, and kept safe in a community and family I trust.  That has to be the Palmridge School and the Palmrista family.


Mr. Hubert Trinidad

Father of Jason, Joshua, and Mischa


My son practically grew alongside TPS.  The charming little boy who cried during his first week in preschool, the boy with pink cheeks who hid under the table and who made his water jug his security blanket, is now a fine young man in his early teens.


My son’s improvement in terms of academics, personality, and attitude towards his studies, events, and people around him greatly improved over the years with the help of his diligent teachers, friendly classmates, and the professional team behind the TPS administration.  I appreciate that some school activities are held inside the classroom as this maximizes learning time; time is not wasted on rehearsals and practices.  I also salute how big events are organized. 


Mrs. Maria Esperanza Diaz-Barrientos

Mother of Samuel


As a Filipino diplomat, our foreign service assignment entitles us to stay and reside with our family in different countries.  When we returned back to the Philippines, we settled in our home in Citta Italia.  I was very happy to discover that the village has a private school, The Palmridge School, known for excellent academic standing in the Cavite province.  TPS is known for producing students with above average qualifications who are able to enrol in quality colleges and universities in Metro Manila.


When it was time for us to leave for another country to assume another foreign assignment, I know that the impending transfer bring their gentle little hearts.  But a promise to be back again after 6 years reassured them that TPS would welcome them back.  Their learning experience in TPS took them to higher level of academic performance.  Teachers in Our Lady Queen of Martyrs in Forest Hills, considered as one of the best in Queens, New York, had to borrow my son Manuel’s TPS notebooks because he topped and excelled in Math and in other subjects.  Manuel became the president of the Student Council and graduated later on with honors and Presidential Awards.  His extraordinary discipline in his studies made him the Valedictorian of the graduating class of the Metropolitan High School in Queens, New York. 


My son Samuel is also an achiever; he was also a consistent honor student in high school and during his 2 years in Queens College, he ranked number 3 among the students in the universities in New York. 


My daughter Samantha and Josef were also extraordinary in the school performance.  Josef was accelerated to Grade 1 without going through Kinder 2 because of his speed in reading. The teacher was overjoyed to listen to his fast reading skill and praised his previous school for focusing on reading and writing during early education. 


Mr. and Mrs. Samuel L. Narbuada

Parents of Manuel, Samantha, Samuel, and Josef  

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